Sell Your Company.

Have you started planning your exit from your company yet?

Whether you want to retire, are too busy with other projects, or just had enough – we can help.

We acquire businesses from $500k – $5 million (or equivalent globally).

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Passive Investment Opportunities.

If you are a passive investor wanting to put your funds to work by securing equity in private companies you can apply to be a part of our pool of investors.

We will keep you informed of potential opportunities and to be considered for future acquisitions.

Deal referrals.

Do you have a potential deal for us?

Get paid a finder’s fee at closing when you bring us an opportunity.

We may also consider assigning you a portion of the equity on the deal if it makes sense.

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Need help?

Are you about to close your business for whatever reason?

5 to 12 for you? Boxfish Investments can help


Any approach will be dealt with in absolute confidentiality from start to finish.

Tailored solutions

We provide a solution that will 100% suit all parties in the deal process.

Fair valuations

Any valuations will be subject to due diligence and/or third party advice in order to come to a fair valuation for any business or assets involved in a transaction.

Fast turnaround time

We work to fast turnaround times where possible.

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