Fidosky Ltd is UK based importer and distributor of innovative brands and products. We are bringing brand new category leading products to market, such as Entoma Insect Protein Dog Food and Snuffle Dog Fries.


We also bring to market innovative dry food for dogs. Like Entoma Petfood’s bags of insect protein dog food. Available in bags of 2.5kg and 6 kg.


Ever had a beer with your dog? Well now you can?
We are proud to have launched Snuffle Dog Beer in the UK.
Available in two flavours in 250ml glass bottles, multi-packs, cases of 24 and new for 2019 – cans.

What do we offer?

Unique, bestselling products.

We provide innovation in pet food

Fidosky specialises in innovation. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative pet products.

Our products appeal to lots of pets’ senses

Fidosky has a nose for products that tickle dogs’ senses.

Both retailers and consumers love our products

Fidosky loves uncovering products that have the capacity of going viral.

Timely deliveries and customer service

Fidosky aims to underpromise but overdeliver when it comes to deliveries and customer service.

Want to take a product to market?

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